Entertaining my kids

I recently taught myself how to download videos from youtube, put them back to back, and create DVD’s which would entertain my kids, keeping them in one room while they play, so that I can get work done (cause I work from home).

I then realized how quickly the kids are picking up on English…. which was counterproductive, as I want Armenian to be their first language – since they will learn English regardless. Haroot was saying “socks” and “horse”… WHAT THE HECK?!

After making a few DVD’s of music videos, and old Armenian cartoons, now I’m out of material. How is it that we have a culture dating back to prehistoric times– we are one of the first civilizations on earth (if not THE first), and we can’t get together and create children’s programming for our kids so our rich language and culture is not lost — so that our kids do not disappear into this melting pot!????


With that said, I’m forming a group on Facebook, and will start the movement to change Armenian Educational Entertainment for our children….

Face it, the current available Armenian entertainment for my kids out there quite simply SUCKS… and they do not compare to Sesame Street or Yo Gabba Gabba!

Join me, and let’s change the future of the new Armenian generation….

You don’t need to have kids to participate… just have ideas, and be willing to put in your 2 cents).

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One Response to Entertaining my kids

  1. nmatini says:

    I completely agree with you. It is becoming more and more challenging for us to maintain my daughter’s proficiency in Armenian. With all the quality children’s programming available in French and English, the Armenian books and videos are of such poor ridiculous quality, that the kid doesn’t want to look at them.

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